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Nan Worsowicz wrote on October 28,2017
I just saw the bouy pattern on Facebook. What pieces do you have available in that pattern? Thanks

Jane Rapinchuk wrote on July 31,2017 about this piece
Are there pockets inside? What is the fabric in the picture? Can I return it if I don't like it? I live in indiana, so making it to a show isn't practical. Thanks.

Susan M Lyons wrote on July 13,2017 about this piece
Are there any pics of a bag made in the Black Landry? And if the Wild Mango a tapestry type fabric like your others? Thank you

Terry Asher wrote on May 23,2017
Hi, Diana,

Will you have more wristlet"s at the Fryburg Fair in paisley cream, wild mango and new sea shell? Clelie and I will be by to see you. Love and Hugs, Terry

URL: http://None

Susan M Lyons wrote on May 17,2017
Hi Diana! I am feeling the urge for a new bag. When will new fabrics be available? This next one will be #4 or 5,including my wallet used all the time.


Susan Swayze wrote on March 11,2017 about this piece
Thanks a million, DIana. My pocketbook & change purse(s) arrived today. I am SO pleased. Though unexpected I do appreciate the extra change purse. You're a dear. Waiting is easy when it's something you really want and the quality is excellent. Is there a reason why the pocketbook has a "Made in Maine" tag instead of a "Diana" tag? Just curious. I've had many pocketbooks in my 76 years but none were ever made as well as yours'. The blue lining---how did you know blue is my favorite color. :-) Thanks again and many blessings.

Annie Stevens wrote on February 1,2017
How can we check on an order? I've been happy with the 2 purses I have, and ordered a 3rd.

Susan Swayze wrote on January 31,2017 about this piece
Hi Diana, is the Neptune material back in stock? I'm ready to order if it is. Thanks. Blessings--

Carol Pilis wrote on January 30,2017 about this piece
I would like to order the hideaway back pack in Neptune. It says the fabric is due in they month. Can I order it now?

Lisa wrote on January 27,2017 about this piece
Hello! :) I received this bag as a gift. I've always wondered, what are the D shaped rings on the sides near the bottom of the bag for?

Lisa wrote on January 26,2017 about this piece
Are these bags washable?

Susan Swayze wrote on April 14,2016
I should have mentioned that I have purchased two of your bags previously and was very impressed with the quality not only of the material but of your workmanship--absolutely superb! There have been times when shopping that a stranger will ask where I got my bag & commenting how much they like it. Makes me proud to wear your bags. :-) Blessings--

Susan Swayze wrote on April 14,2016 about this piece
Hi Diana, just talked to you on the phone about #9665 but might prefer 9667--is the inside pocket zippered? Also, which fabric is 9667 shown in? I can't match it to the fabric list--but really like it. Thanks for your time.

Nancy Anthony wrote on April 10,2016
Was just wondering when you will have a show list for 2016 thanks

Colin Gordan wrote on December 10,2015
Hello, Looking to get a Deluxe Multi Pocket Bag in Neptune fabric for my mother for Christmas. How do I order. -Colin

Pauline D. Baker wrote on December 5,2015 about this piece
I just sent a message - I would prefer Ebony. Sorry looked at my wrong note. Can a matching checkbook wallet be done at the same time?


Pauline D. Baker wrote on December 5,2015 about this piece
Can I order New Deluxe Multi Pocket Bag Ref: 37808 in Valiant Blue for XMas?

Phyllis Strayer wrote on November 28,2015 about this piece
I am interested in this bag. Do you have a picture of someone using as backpack?

Phyllo wrote on November 28,2015 about this piece
I am interested in this bag. Do you have a picture of someone using as backpack?

Laura wrote on November 27,2015
I saw you at the craft fair in NH. I love your bags. Very pretty, we love the one we bought at the fair too. Look forward to getting a new one soon. Maybe after Christmas.

August Metcalf wrote on November 12,2015 about this piece
I am very Interested in buying one of your Medium Handbags. Is it possible to order one?

Minnie wrote on October 27,2015
Hi - I love your work!

Helen Maleh wrote on September 30,2014 about this piece
Do you have any fanny packs done with tapestry? Thanks.

Joan Davenport wrote on September 25,2014 about this piece
Ilike this bag, but find your fabrics limited. Where are the solids & lobster fabric I read about. How about smaller prints more suitable for smaller bags?

Hi Joan, The fabrics on the website are the most popular and ones I carry for extended periods of time. I have more fabrics I take to the shows. Also the only solids I have are black and amethyst. The lobster print mentioned in the comments has been discontinued. I do have another on I just got.If you have more questions you can call me.

Thanks for your inquiry, Diana

jessica smalley wrote on July 10,2014
Hi I found a bag of yours in a goodwill at hamden Connecticut. I love it so much!!! Amazing work!

lidia wrote on July 1,2014 about this piece
I just got this cutest little back perfect for shopping or a party. when you don't want leave your bag sitting anywhere this one is perfect because the string can go across you body and you do not have to worry about holding it.

vitty O'Toole wrote on June 20,2014
where is lobster fabric? Can you make glasses case 1/8 inch wider? It's my carryall uniform. Thanks

Irene Dodge wrote on May 5,2014
I purchased one of your wallet bags at a craft show last year. I love it but the little tab that attaches to the wallet gave away. Can it be

repaired. I can send you a photo if you send me your email address. Thanks.

Reply - I can most definitely repair this problem. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I'll contact you directly with instructions for the return. Thanks, Diana

Barbara C. Russell wrote on April 24,2014
Will see you at the UMO fair!

I need to retire the bag I use during the winter!

Reply - Yes, I'm very excited to be returning to UMO and seeing the newly renovated Fieldhouse. See you there, Diana

Mary Lynn McCravy wrote on October 16,2012
I was in Maine two weeks ago on a cruise and bought one of your small zip bags with lobster fabric. I love it and I have an authenic bag made in Maine! My Tennessee friends are envious!

Answer: Thank you for your comment and please share my website with all your friends, Diana

Shirley wrote on October 11,2012
Love your bags and fabics.

Diana wrote on September 11,2012
Rebecca, As you suggested, I'm posting my answer to your question. The shipping charge is $5.50 and it shows up in the shopping cart. Thanks for your inquiry.

Rebecca wrote on September 10,2012
I'd like to be able to see your answers to questions, like you can on other sites. Also what are shipping charges? Thanks again

Susan Lyons wrote on September 6,2012
Do you ever have bags made in different fabrics at shows?

Judith Saner wrote on August 22,2012
I bought a small bag at Made in Maine in Portland. Love it. But on light-colored bags (beige and blue), maybe use beige/tan zippers and cords.

Elaine Jones wrote on August 2,2012
Own several you have a shop? In case I can't get to Cumberland or Smiling Hill. thanks

vitty wrote on June 15,2012
can you get anything in cat print?

Carol Driscoll wrote on March 20,2012 about this piece
I would like bag #9667 in flower power blue. How long is the strap? I need to wear it across the body. Thanks.

Vitaline O'Toole wrote on March 18,2012 about this piece
I love the case, but I need another one with short zipper on front side for cell phone, not side zipper. I can send thou a sample of one I've killed from overuse, made in Guatemala. Love the lobster fabric. Vitty

Denise wrote on March 18,2012
can you get anything in cat print? I am a huge animal lover, and I rescue cats.

Fran Weatherbie wrote on December 9,2011
Hello Diana,

I purchased one of your large purses in ebony at the fair in Scarborough. I just love it and so does my daughter. I would like to order one for her if you have it. She likes the ebony, but also the navy and plum. I'm not sure if navy is the one which is temporarily unavailable on your website. Is it possible to order one in time for Christmas? Of course I would expect to pay postage if it can be mailed. I don't know where Stow is, but if not too far for me (Brunswick), I could possibly pick it up. If you would be so kind as to let me know, I will send you my credit card info. Thanks very much.

Fran Weatherbie


Fran Weatherbie wrote on December 9,2011
Bought the lg. purse and love it.

Kim Hanks wrote on December 8,2011
I purchased one of you bags at the Scarborough Craft Fair. Once I got it home and saw all I need to carry in it, it is too small. Can it be returned? Please let me know. I will send it with a copy of the receipt. Thanks and sorry!

Susan Lyons wrote on November 19,2011
Went to the DECA Fair hoping to see you there- glad I found your site and have joined your list.Love my bag but it is getting worn out & need a new one.

Irene Coady wrote on November 15,2011
I've been getting a bag every year for the last 3-4 years, love them. A friend would like to buy one with birds, do you have that?,it would be the 29.00dollar one. Thanks, see you at Mt.Araratsaturday.

Lisa Harnois wrote on October 20,2011
I have visited and purchased from your booth at Fryburg Fair every year! I love your work and styles! Can't wait to see your products next year!!!

Helen wrote on October 17,2011
I bought one of your bags at the store on Bailey Island. I love it and get tons of compliments on it. Glad you had your tag with website in the bag too!

Becky Nutting wrote on September 5,2011
Hi Diana,

I have a dragonfly medium handbag I purchased several years ago and through EXTENSIVE use the zipper as given out. Can you fix it?!!! I see you are going to be @Smiling Hill Farm this coming Saturday, maybe we can arrange something.

Sallie Bailey wrote on July 12,2011 about this piece
I'm back again. My previous glass case is showing signs of age - I wear it every day around my neck (I shorten the cord) After I get the new one I'll try washing the old one.

Priscilla wrote on May 8,2011
Hi Diana

Love your new fabrics. Great update to website. See you at Fryeburg.

Germaine Bassett wrote on April 3,2011
Hi diana, Stopped by to visit your site. Beautiful bags. I don't carry a bag much anymore. But i do like the fanny packs. Love it when i go shopping or to Hollywood Slots. Have a leather one at this time. Maybe will get one of yours when its time. Best of luck to you.

Martha Nitschelm wrote on October 15,2010 about this piece
I bought one of your tapestry bags a few years ago and still love and use it. Can I put it in the washer and dryer or does it have to be dry cleaned?



Ellen wrote on October 8,2010
Hi Diana,

My friend in PA loved her "Lobster" wide string bag birthday present. Thank you so much for assisting with the mailing, etc. Good luck at the Fryeburg Fair!!!

Laurie wrote on September 21,2010
I was at the Smiling Hill fair a couple weeks ago and have been kicking myself since for not buying something while there. You had a fabric that I don't see on your site. It was dark brown with cornflower blue flowers. Will this fabric in the large purse be available at the Fryeburg fair? I'll be there on the 6th!

Ursula wrote on August 19,2010
Hi - saw your product, loved the look and ordered one online Aug 8. Looking forward to receiving it -- can you give me an indication when it might be sent? Thanks so much.

Priscilla wrote on August 18,2010
Hi Diana

Can you get the dragonfly in black any more? If so I would like a tall string bag in that asap. Mine was admired by a secretary at a dr. office i had to go to this summer, would love to get her one if possible. Thanks Looking forward to the fair. Priscilla

Tanya Thibodeau wrote on July 28,2010
Hello Girl,

I found a customer who fell in love with my bag that I purchsed at the strawberry festival. I believe it was either neptune or gemstone, but it had purple, blue, and gold. I believe it was 24.95. What do you add for shipping? I will let her know so she can send you a check with an address. Hope all is going well for you. Wish I could see you more.

Love ya, Tanya

Susan Swayze wrote on July 14,2010
Hi Diana, In 2007 at Fryeburg Fair I purchased yout your wide stringbag...still have it & love it. In 2008 I purchased your small handbag. I've used it everyday since and have just about worn it thin and the zipper quit. I tried ironing it to no avail. I would LOVE another small handbag but am not fond of the fabrics pictured so am wondering if you have other fabrics (hoping something like what I have--I know, you can't 'see' it! :-) I was excited to see you'll be at the Yarmouth Festival....I will try to find you. If I don't find you I'll email or call you.

In 2009 I couldn't find you at the FF. Thanks for such lovely and high quality bags. God bless...

Gail Barson wrote on June 30,2010
Never mind -- I just found the fabrics. I guess you don't have any solid colors for this string bag?

Gail Barson wrote on June 30,2010

I have your tall stringbag. It's black with a gold dragonfly design. would like to purchase another one, but can't figure out on your website how to see the diffrerent colors of the bags. What am I doing wrong?

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Priscilla wrote on April 17,2010
Hi Diana, checking in on your site, saw the picture on Bettys site, love it.

Sallie Bailey wrote on February 28,2010
Diana - I find myself wishing the eyeglass carrier was big enough to carry a very small notebook - it's just a tad too narrow. A notebook carrier could accept a shorter length, too. It could be called a small item carrier. Viable?

Priscilla wrote on December 28,2009
Hi Diana

The girls loved their bags. I think your choice for the strap was awesome. Happy New Year.\Priscilla

dave cleaveland wrote on December 2,2009
Hello. I ordered a purple dragonfly purse (bag) for my wife a while back but haven't heard anything. Can you please check on my order? Thanks.

Deanie wrote on November 11,2009 about this piece
I bought your eye glass case at the UMO home coming. I love it. i wanted to buy another and when picking the fabric on the order sire, it dosesnt show the fabric. Am I doing something wrong. i live in bangor, and it appears your show schedule, you will not be near my area, I'm intertested ib seeing your fabric so i can make a purchase. thanks for your help, deanie

Brenda Shur wrote on September 18,2009
I just ran across your website while trying to find a pottery source for my shop.Do you sell wholesle? If so, please contact me at, 463-2365 or 267-0204. Thanks

mrsfuddieduddie wrote on September 15,2009
I must have one of your very first over the shoulder sling bags. I bought it from you at Leavitt high school craft fair eons ago. I need a new one but can't find them on your web page. Do you still make them? Mine has different states on the material and has weathered nicely. I have washed so many times your name tag is blank but thankfully I got a change purse at the time so used that to find you here on the web. Please let me know if you still make this type of bag and the price. Thanks you for years of comfort. ;-) Mrsfuddie

Marty Nitschelm wrote on September 10,2009
Hi Diana,

I have two of your bags which I bought at the S. Berwick Strawberry Fest. 3 or 4 yrs. ago and am wondering if it is OK to wash them...or do they need to be dry cleaned?



Arlene Hopkins wrote on July 3,2009 about this piece
I just ordered your convertible bag in purple dragonfly, with matching change purse. I have been wearing one of your string bags full-time for the past 3-1/2 years until I blew the zipper out from overpacking it... :P I have also bought string bags as gifts at the Bonnie Eagle Christmas Fair in Standish, ME. I'm so glad you have this website now! And paying via PayPal was a breeze... :D

Cathy wrote on June 22,2009 about this piece
I've had my black dragonfly string bag for about 5 years. It's the perfect size for money, keys and cell phone! The zipper finally gave out, so I need another one. I've had many compliments on the bag, and it has been very sturdy. I searched high and low for another one like it, but never found anything comparable. I'm happy to see the website. Great work!

Pam Higgins wrote on June 10,2009
I have a tapestry handbag/backpack that needs replacing. Where are you? I am in Wells. Perhaps you can help me.

Diane wrote on April 20,2009
I bought the medium ebony bag, checkbook cover and change purse in ME this weekend, and absolutely love them! I have already received compliments!